Experience tranquility in the island nation of Sri Lanka

In this fast-paced world, you lead a life of struggle and tension 24X7. Quite often you feel like escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city to a serene and peaceful destination.Though there are various destinations across the globe to visit,one popular destination is the island nation of SriLanka.You can take a flight from Mumbai to Colombo.Let us take a look at how you can experience tranquility in the island nation of SriLanka.

  • Sigiriya rock fortress

This palace is situated in the center of the Sri-Lankan island. It has immaculate planning for gardens and fountains.It has served as the Royal residence of King Kassapa.The word Sigiriya means Lion rock.Walls of the fort are covered with paintings.One interesting feature of the fortress is the Mirror wall.As history says this wall was polished so well that the king could see his reflection in the wall like you can see in the mirror.This was declared as a world heritage site.

  • Dambulla cave temple

This is another popular must-visit world heritage site in Sri-Lanka.Dambulla is a Buddhist temple consisting of five caves carved out of a single piece of hanging rock.The temple includes statues of Lord Buddha and many Hindu deities.Caves are named after Sri-Lankan kings.Cave walls are covered with paintings. Buddhist temple follows a dress code and the same has to be followed here.You have to cover your shoulders and knees before you enter the temple.

  • Arugam bay-pristine beach

Rejuvenate yourself in the sun and sands of Arugam bay beach resorts and satisfy your seafood cravings here.You can also go for a walk on the beach sand, early morning while at the beach resort.

  • Mirissa whale watching

Whale watching is a unique experience and brings memories of watching gigantic blue whales.When you go on a boat in the sea you can watch these whales and dolphins flying and cutting across waters offering a splendid sight of whale watching. Watching whales at Mirissa is a lifetime experience.

  • Adams peak

Adams peak in Sri Lanka, a UNESCO world heritage site is another most visited place.This is a cone-shaped mountain. Adams peak is also popularly known as Sri Pada or the sacred footprint. You have to climb around 5500 steps to reach to the top. Some steps are very steep to climb. The panoramic view from the top is truly admiring.You can take the road route to Adams peak from Colombo which is over 90 km.

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